There are different grades of Deli meat, from whole cuts to  processed meats.

Quality cuts, are non-processed “whole muscle” cuts of meat – just what you would find from the butcher to serve as a Sunday dinner roast or ham.

At Soda Stop, we researched our options when deciding what kind of meats to use on our sandwiches. We didn’t choose based on price, but on taste and quality. The result speaks for itself in our sandwiches using Block & Barrel meats, which are produced regionally.

The ham recipe uses real honey, and is smoked over natural Alder for a distinct smoky flavor. We’ve combined it with a spicy mustard and pickles for our Panini grilled “Miami”, rolled it into a loaded spinach wrap with bacon, ghost pepper jack and avocado for our “Texan”, paired it with Swiss plus mayo and mustard for our “Showtime”.

The Block & Barrel turkey is oven roasted to perfection. On a sandwich or salad, it’s as though you’ve carved a slice from Thanksgiving leftovers. Our signature sandwich the Vancouver combines turkey with Swiss cheese and a house made pesto mayo, and peppers made tender crisp by our Panini grill.

Our roast beef is perfectly seasoned and shows off the grains of meat like it was carved from a roast. Served on a roll with melted cheese and lightly sautéed veggies, the Italian seasoned au jus makes the Cicero a perfect dip sandwich. On salads, deli or toasted sandwiches, Panini grilled and wraps, our meats are served in plentiful portions and are thoughtfully paired with complementary ingredients for a well rounded menu.

From the first bite you will taste the difference that top quality ingredients make in your sandwich & salad. At Soda Stop each sandwich & salad is prepared to order with the best quality ingredients to ensure freshness and flavor.

Process cheeses are a combination of cheese, liquid, and emulsifiers. The benefit is a longer shelf life. Soda Stop uses only the highest quality natural cheeses to ensure great favor and a consistent quality cheesy melt when the time is right.

VEGETABLES THAT ARE FRESH Premium quality, freshness and variety. We buy from only the best producers to provide you with superior lettuce for your salads, sandwich, and wraps. Packed in the field, each is carefully selected to ensure peak flavor, texture, freshness and quality. A recent survey conducted by a major food manufacturer shows that consumers ordering salads are looking for fresher, better topping variety.

Premium quality , superior taste. Each tomato is picked and packed based on our high quality standards. Our choice of the red onion is due to its unique flavor profile, and we incorporate green and red peppers into many of the menu items to add a crisp fresh crunch flavor.

When it comes to quality assurance our primary supplier leads the way with more 100 QA professionals representing the most active department in the industry to deliver products that meet the most stringent standards in terms of quality, safety and consistency.

There are many quality levels of bread. Quality in the baking process and Ingredients make a difference in nutritional value, taste, & texture.

STONE GROUND BAKERY Stone Ground Bakery, Inc. was established in 1979 by Hans Schmerse as a small European bakery. Using old world baking techniques, centuries-old family recipes and a passion for bread, Stone Ground soon was recognized as the premier bakery in Utah. Stone Ground Bakery is one of our fine suppliers.

You will enjoy the difference in our textured full flavor sour Italian bread, dense textured honey wheat bread, and the flavorful textured garlic Parmesan hoagie rolls or brioche bun . And we have recently added an exceptional herb spinach wrap.


When paired with our quality meats, cheeses, and generous portions of your choice of lettuce, tomato, peppers, red onion, pickles, and basil, you will taste the difference. To finish your sandwich or wrap choose from a large selection of house made specialty sauces such as: pesto mayo, chipotle mustard, horsey mayo, chipotle ranch, honey mustard, or a balsamic dressing.


Our Commitment To Our Customers

To Deliver Consistent Product Recipes

You will taste it in our carefully considered recipes.

To Present a High Quality Product Selection

You will find it in all of the products we offer.

To Offer Fast, Professional, Friendly Service

We deliver it with every meal.


Christina N Justin Harp

Try one of everything! So many yummy choices. Friendly service and great food.


Crystal Robertson

Always and I mean always nice! Delivery is amazing and the Miami to die for!


Amanda Mosdell Campbell

Discovered this gem on Instagram and always looking for a great sandwich shop, so happy I stopped in today! Fantastic service, delicious sandwich and potato salad ! Will definitely be my daughters and I weekly lunch date place from now on !