The Solution to The Boring Lunch

Summary: Building great relationships with your coworkers is fun and easy with help of a great lunch spot.

Aside from our loved ones, the people that we spend the most time with are our coworkers. Sometimes even more time than with our family. Being together for up to 40 hours a week in an office can become quite tiresome and monotonous. It’s nice to do something different with your fellow coworkers besides the job at hand. Getting out of the office for a quick lunch or organizing an in-office lunch with everyone can help lift spirits and build office morale.

A fun and unique place that can help make your days go by faster and that will also benefit your entire office is Soda Stop!

Located in the heart of Meridian, Idaho, Soda Stop has come to the rescue for many business professionals looking for office lunch catering and a way to break up the monotony. From Middleton caterers to ones in Boise, Soda Stop is the one that can help.

Here is what their customer, Courtney, had to say!

“We had never heard of Soda Stop until the owner dropped a menu by our office last week.  We were so excited to have another option for DELIVERY!  They offer a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, panini, wraps, and salads.  The drink menu is a little overwhelming because they have so much; however, the possibilities are endless.  You can pretty much create anything you want and the best part is that they use that perfect pellet ice (also sold by the bag cheaper than Sonic).

I called and placed the order around 11:45 AM and the person who took my order was very polite and helpful as it was my first time.  Our order was delivered by the owner around 12:45.  I would recommend you plan ahead when placing lunch orders.  I didn’t think an hour was too bad considering that I called right during lunch.

I ordered the All American Panini grilled sandwich (think grilled ham and cheese) with a bag of maui onion chips, a frosted sugar cookie and a Creamy Loco Coke-O.  I was very happy with my meal but next time I think I’ll try a cake pop.

My husband built his own roast beef sandwich with salt and vinegar chips, a snicker doodle cookie, and a “witch doctor” to drink.  Our other employee ordered a wrap.  They both enjoyed it but agreed that next time they would both choose the GRILLED option 🙂

We will definitely be adding Soda Stop to the weekly office rotation.  Jimmy Johns gets old and there are way more options at Soda Stop.  We got all of the food listed above for a total of $32.99.  Another added bonus is that they offer a REWARD CARD!  For every $25 spent you earn $2.50 in rewards.  I requested a card when I placed the order and he brought it with our delivery.  It was very simple to go online and register my card where I can also see my current rewards.  Looking forward to online ordering (coming soon)!”

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