Choose The Best Catering Service For Your Event

Planning a family get together? Have an office party that you are in charge of? Want to take away all the hassle and leave it to a caterer?

Then we have the solution for you! Soda Stop! The same place that is known for their hot Panini grilled sandwiches and Soda Creations is also making a name for themselves in catering. No matter the size of the event, Soda Stop will bring only the best to the party. From office lunch catering to special occasions and weddings, the Soda Stop team strives to make your event unique and special.

Soda Stop offers a unique catering experience that will be remembered for years to come by both the host and their guests. A panini sandwich hot off the grill will be appreciated by any guest ready for a good meal or a snack. And they have so many flavor options for even the most pickiest of eaters or those with an adventurous palate. Their Miami panini sandwich is made with the freshest ham and swiss they could find, with sliced pickles and a housemade chipotle mustard. It has quickly become one of their best-selling sandwiches with their repeat customers coming in for it on a regular basis. So craveable! Not so adventurous? Their grilled cheese is to die for, ooey, gooey and crispy, it will leave you full and satisfied.

Their traveling Soda Bar is the only one in the valley and brings with it their most popular Soda Creations. Want something special for your big day? The Soda Stop Team is ready to meet with you and design a special drink that goes perfectly with your taste and event. They can also help customize your menu to your needs.

There are many Middleton caterers and other caterers around the Treasure Valley, but choosing Soda Stop will always be your best bet. Go to their website,, to see what they have to offer!

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