A Brand New Approach

Soda Stop is…

Loyal to our Loyal Customers

We love our loyal customers and want to reward them with 10% back for every dollar spent at Soda Stop.  In order to make sure the program is working with the greatest ease, Soda Stop will be working with a new partner to make the process seamless.

Preserve the points you’ve already earned, and register now before the transition.  Click here to register your card.


1 point for every dollar spent at Soda Stop. 


Allowance of $10 maximum redeemable amount each visit.


Redeemable when as few as 25 points are accumulated.


Points are valid for 1 full year after purchase before they expire.


25 points = $2.50 in discounts on your next purchase.


Transferred points get a 1 year fresh expiration date after transfer.

Our existing reward card service will cease after the transition. Don’t wait and risk losing out on your points and rewards. Register now!

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