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Soda Stop

Opening August 2017, our second location is a stand-alone corner structure that will be prominently positioned on the intersection of Birch Ln. & Idaho Center Blvd. We are working closely with our developer and architect to construct a signature Soda Stop design that will be utilized in future location builds.

This location is located in the CWI Administration/Library complex which employs 200 facility members. In addition to a built in lunch crowd in the immediate vicinity, in a one-mile radius there is multi-housing residential, an LDS Stake Center, and multiple car dealerships. We will design this location with an eye toward future locations as well as a focus on maximizing sales within the area demographic. This location will offer a drive through option along with a comfortable indoor seating arrangement, as well as seating that includes electronic charging stations. An outdoor patio area with shaded areas featuring planters with colorful flower and plant arrangements.